5-Week Virtual Workshop

Improve Your Job Satisfaction


Maximize Your Leadership Abilities


Prepare for the Future


Realign your Goals to take on that next challenge!

In this virtual interactive workshop for executives and senior-level professionals you will transform your career through:


  • Overcoming current work concerns: lack of advancement; poor pay; job performance

  • Discussing strategies for making improvements which increase your value

  • Identifying internal/external resources to advance within your profession

  • Overcoming fears of pursuing new challenges

No matter your situation, under my facilitation this interactive workshop will be a shared opportunity to do a “deep dive” into the challenges and opportunities we all face in our careers. The workshop will consist of:

  • Five (5) consecutive weekly virtual sessions in the evening from 7:00 – 8:00PM

  • Sessions will be limited to six (6) participants, with a minimum four (4) participants

  • The package of five (5) sessions will be $400 per participant and will be non-refundable

The workshop size is limited so sign up now!

"Today's economy requires job hunters to be more proactive, more sophisticated, and more willing to go through brick walls to get what they want.  Employers don't plan your career for you.  You must look after yourself, know what you want, and know how to get it."

Kate Wendleton, Founder & Past President, The Five O'Clock Club.

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection."

                         Mark Twain

"From an initial assessment of my key strengths, skills and accomplishments, to mock interviews, to salary negotiations Chip was instrumental in guiding me to a C-level position in the not-for-profit arena, and, to boot, to become a career coach myself!”
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