Speeches and Group Coaching

Throughout my career I have spoken on a variety of career related topics to such prestigious organizations as the Project Management Institute, National Sales Network, Information Systems Security Association, Treasury Management Association of New York, and the New York Society of Security Analysts.  In a group setting, I have facilitated career development and job search strategy sessions for GetFive, a national career development and Human Resources organization; The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church of New York’s Job Search Series; and, at the Science and Business Library (SIBL) of the New York Public Library.

Many of the speeches and group discussions have focused on a wide range of topics that attendees have found helpful in advancing their careers.  Some of these topics include:

  • Managing Your Career in a Time of Transition

  • How to Build a Winning Resume

  • How to Stand Out in a Time of Organizational Change

  • How to Ace the Interview

  • The Role of Social Media in Job Search

Given the specific needs and interests of your company or organization when it comes to career development I can work with you to present a topic that meets the needs of your organizations.  If interested please contact me for an initial consultation.

Speech Topics

Professional Networking for Success:  This presentation focuses on the true meaning (and measure) of networking to advance one’s professional career – whether looking for another job or to advance within one’s current organization.  It also focuses on how to stay relevant and competitive in a constantly changing work environment.  Special focus is placed on measuring the success of your networking efforts.  A case study of one of my clients is included.  A key take away is a plan of action for attendees in how to prepare for and go on a networking meeting.


Leadership Development:  This presentation focuses on the key attributes and skills of leadership such as communication, decision making, problem solving, setting priorities and delegating.  It examines what makes for a good leader using examples from clients and other case studies.  Some practical exercises are included where attendees have the opportunity to explore their leadership potential.  A key take away is some specific steps and guidelines to becoming an effective leader.


Hard Work Alone Won’t Win You the Promotion:  This presentation shows that getting a promotion is not that different from preparing for and going on a job interview.  It requires having a strategy in place, and taking on the mindset of a consultant, in demonstrating why you’re the best person for the job.  Most of all, it takes planning, execution and follow-up.  A key take away is a plan of action for attendees with specific steps to take in preparing for that next promotion.


How to Stand Out in a Time of Organizational Change:  This presentation focuses on specific strategies for not only surveying but flourishing in a time of organizational change.  Attendees discover how to become knowledgeable in more than one area of their organization; become a strategic partner with others of influence; how to recognize the realities of today’s job market; and, how to formulate a plan of action (a key take away). 


Build a Winning Resume and LinkedIn Profile:  Whether you’re gainfully employed or not, having a well-crafted resume and LinkedIn profile is critical to one’s success in advancing his/her career.  When applying for positions internal to your company in 9 out 10 cases you’ll be asked to provide a resume, and someone will be looking at your LinkedIn profile.  This presentation involves some practical “to do” steps in building a slam dunk resume and LinkedIn profile.


Navigating the Financial Services Job Market:  This presentation focuses on some of the unique challenges facing financial services professionals in pursuing careers in financial services.  It closely examines the pros and cons of using job boards and social media in applying for positions versus the value of networking.  A case study and some actions to take will give attendees a better roadmap for pursuing job and advancement opportunities in this very competitive market.

"Today's economy requires job hunters to be more proactive, more sophisticated, and more willing to go through brick walls to get what they want.  Employers don't plan your career for you.  You must look after yourself, know what you want, and know how to get it."

Kate Wendleton, Founder & Past President, The Five O'Clock Club.

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection."

                         Mark Twain

"The more satisfied individuals are in their jobs, the more likely they are to have found them through contacts."

Mark Granovetter


"From an initial assessment of my key strengths, skills and accomplishments, to mock interviews, to salary negotiations Chip was instrumental in guiding me to a C-level position in the not-for-profit arena, and, to boot, to become a career coach myself!”
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