My Commitment to You

No doubt I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that building a website to promote one’s practice is essentially the first step to building your own business. This process is one I learned early on in the development of my site, especially when it comes to marketing my coaching services.

Questions such as do I include my fees or not, do I create links to other social media to increase my site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how do I make it convenient for clients to pay for my services are just a few.

I needed to get answers to these questions because people generally don’t flock to your website out of nowhere, despite every attempt to optimize your site’s SEO. It’s really the effort you make to drive people to your site through essentially marketing your services, then make those services appealing and easy to access. In this vein I realized it was time to make some changes in how I market my services.

For most of my coaching practice I would invoice clients on a per session basis. In other words, if my client and I had a one hour session, the client would simply pay my hourly fee – always by check or cash. Part of the reason goes back to my years working with outplacement clients who are referred to me as an independent contractor. Under this arrangement I invoice the company making the referral on a per session basis.

While I still have this arrangement as one source of client referrals, I realized working with my own private clients I needed to change my fee structure since there were too many situations where a client would pay for one or two sessions, and then not commit to further sessions while clearly having much to gain from them. This “one and done” approach to coaching is not to imply greed on my part – I would never try to persuade or influence someone to pay for services clearly not needed! But it is one about commitment- both the client’s and mine!

Given this backdrop I made the decision to offer clients different package options. It basically breaks down this way: Bronze package 5 sessions; Silver package 10 sessions; and, Gold package 15 sessions. Clients are expected to pay for the selected package prior to the start of our first session. This also includes agreeing to and signing, along with me, a Master Agreement which is a contract between us to establish and maintain a clarity in expectations.

Most importantly, this arrangement is to ensure not only the client’s commitment to their job search or career related objectives, but a commitment on my part to provide the very best service.

I am very excited about this new direction in my services because I feel it’s a win/win for those truly committed to finding that next great job, or exploring those next great career opportunities. BTW, much research went into my decision to offer packaged sessions including speaking with a number of my coaching colleagues who offer similar services.

Lastly, I will continue to offer my services on an hourly basis for those who simply want to discuss a specific situation regarding their job search, or a work related situation if employed, that may require our working together for an hour or two. But as with any profession, to stay competitive change is necessary, and that includes a commitment on my part to ensure such change is ultimately to my clients’ benefit. To view more of these changes click on the link Master Agreement on the Services pages. Thank you for listening.

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