A Year in Reflection

A little more than a year ago I launched my new website. With it came a surge of pride and excitement in my new venture, along with a ton of thanks to my web developer Denny Wall, and a host of other colleagues, friends, and clients who offered their advice and insights. It also took me only a matter of weeks to realize that launching a website is really launching a new business.

Shortly after launching the site the real questions came: How do I drive more business (i.e., clients) to the site; do I need liability insurance (yes); am I pricing my services correctly (maybe); and, am I integrating the site with other social media? These are only a few of the questions I needed to address over the past year, which has certainly been one of trial and error.

After much thought, and sharing of ideas with colleagues, I look forward to entering 2018 with some new features to my website, and coaching practice, to hopefully make for a more productive year, drive more business, and most importantly, create more realistic expectations for my current and prospective clients. So, here’s some things to look for starting in 2018.

  • A more streamlined version of my site with a stronger SEO to attract a focused client base. While my coaching services will be available to all levels of professionals, a greater focus will be toward those truly committed to finding a job or looking to advance their careers.

  • A new fee structure offering packaged sessions. The key to a successful job search, or career switch, is commitment. I will still offer my services on an individual basis in certain situations, but sessions will be offered in groups (e.g., five or ten hourly meetings) given the needs of my clients.

  • Fees will be commensurate with the needs of the client, and paid upfront to ensure a commitment is made by both the client and myself in providing the highest quality of service. An updated Letter of Intent and Invoice form will be provided for both the client’s and my protection.

  • A new blog focus. This past year I’ve written a number of blogs on topics ranging from how to measure the success of a job search to more personal notes on networking, attending conferences, and thoughts on the word “retirement.” While I’ve taken pride in posting blogs that seek an intelligent audience I realized more “do’s” and “don’ts” on job search and career development are in order to meet the more immediate needs of my readers.

I am also working with Lynn Amos, Principal and Creative Director of Fyne Lyne Ventures, in putting together a new brochure featuring my new services while retaining a committed focus to meeting the specific needs of my clients. Brochures may seem a little “old school” to those who can quickly Google the information they need, but I’m betting on the chance that the look and feel of something you can actually pick up at a live event will still appeal to those seeking the services of a career coach.

Lastly, I wish my readers, colleagues and friends who have helped me through this past year a very happy New Year's, and a prosperous 2018. I especially look forward to paying it forward to those who have been so helpful and supportive of me.


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