While sounding counter-intuitive job search is not about looking for a particular job, it’s about looking for opportunities.  And finding those opportunities starts with knowing the industry or types of companies and organizations where you would ideally like to work.  Whether you’re looking for a job in information technology, financial services, or the not-for-profit sector knowing as much as you can about the industry is leverage you’ll need when transitioning into a new job or career.

Below are a few of the industries in which I have helped numerous clients achieve their career goals, and whether you’re just starting out, a mid-level professional looking to make a career switch, or looking for a job in the C-Suite we’ll work together on coming up with the right industry and function for you.

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Industry Specialties
Financial Services
Information Technology
Law Firms

For Individuals

Are you:

  • The victim of downsizing?

  • Returning to the workforce after a break?

  • At a career crossroads?


Whether you're currently unemployed, or employed, we will put together a plan of action that works best for you.  Depending on your situation we may start with an assessment of your skills, experiences, interests to determine how to best position yourself for a new job.  Or it may be a more urgent matter of how to prepare for an interview that came up suddenly.

Case Study

A client who was at a crossroads regarding which direction to take her career was unexpectedly referred to a senior executive at a large financial services company for a senior marketing position.  While initially unsure this was the direction she wanted to pursue, she also felt it was an opportunity she could not pass up.  We worked together to research the company, the executive, and other team members she would potentially meet, and came up with an interviewing strategy that landed her the position.

Are you:

  • Looking to move from corporate to non‐profit?

  • At a company that has been purchased?

  • In a career that is becoming obsolete?

Changing Careers

After a full career in a particular industry, the desire to transition into another type of organization and job becomes not only appealing, but in many cases a necessity, given changes in the job market.  Many professionals who have had successful careers in a particular industry, only to lose their job as their industry retrenches, moves to a new location, or goes out of business.

Case Study

A client who had a very successful career selling advertising for a major New York City newspaper lost her job after much of the paper’s advertising moved from print to online production.  While not having the technical skills to make the transition she did have an enormous book of contacts from her advertising days, and along with a tremendous desire to move into the not-for-profit arena, landed a position in development where her book of contacts was key in gaining new donors.

Are you:

  • Facing a company merger?

  • At a firm where experience is not valued?

  • In an industry that is changing rapidly?

Senior Executives

In a world of mergers and acquisitions senior executives face the loss of their jobs and the challenges of finding other positions at a comparable level of responsibility and compensation.  After a long career these executives may be seen as "overqualified," "overpriced," and lacking the newer technical skills in their respective industries.

Case Study

A client who had a very successful career as a cable TV executive with several Emmy Awards to his credit was able to land a number of consulting assignments in the cable industry following the loss of his full-time job, but had difficulty convincing other cable executives of his desire to work in a more junior level position, and one in which he could be a mentor to younger, up and coming cable executives who had the newer technical skills.  For this client, it was a matter of taking on a new “mindset” about himself by working out a strategy in which his being seen as “overqualified,” “overpriced,” and lacking in technical skills were not strikes against him if he chose not to make them such.

Speeches and Group Coaching

Throughout my career I have spoken on a variety of career related topics to such prestigious organizations as the Project Management Institute, National Sales Network, Information Systems Security Association, Treasury Management Association of New York, and the New York Society of Security Analysts.  In a group setting, I have facilitated career development and job search strategy sessions for GetFive, a national career development and Human Resources organization; The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church of New York’s Job Search Series; and, at the Science and Business Library (SIBL) of the New York Public Library.

5-Week Virtual Workshop

In this virtual interactive workshop for executives and senior level professionals you will transform your career. No matter your situation, under the facilitation of Career Coach Chip Conlin this interactive workshop will be a shared opportunity to do a “deep dive” into the challenges and opportunities we all face in our careers.

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Pay for Services

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“It’s better to be approximately right than precisely wrong.”
Warren Buffett
"It can be more heroic to be willing to act in the absence of certainty than to refuse to act without absolute certainty."
Gregg Levoy from his book Callings
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.  The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
Calvin Coolidge
“Seeking a full-time position as a business analyst without any formal BA background was indeed a challenge but with Chip’s guidance I was able to develop a job search strategy that landed me two successive contract positions in major financial services firms."
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