"Knowing is the result of doing and experimenting" 
Herminia Ibarra - Professor of Organizational Behavior
"The great breakthroughs in our lives generally happen only as a result of the accumulation of  innumerable small steps and minor achievements."
T.S. Eliot

Action Plan

Whether faced with a job loss, a desire to transition into a new job or career, or trying to “stay alive” in your current job, people face different challenges and have different needs.  In working together I will always put your needs first, but also give you an honest opinion on what is the best course of action based on my experiences, the current job market, and other related factors.  

Below is both a diagram and brief synopses of my approach to job search, which offers you the flexibility to take a course of action that best fits your needs.

Your Needs & Expectations
Your Campaign Preparation
Discovering New Opportunities
Your Interview Cycle
Your Handling Negotiations


The Job Hunter

  • Compensation

  • Severance

  • Performance

  • Retirement

  • Resume

  • Online Presence

  • How to Position Yourself

  • Networking

  • Contacting People

  • Creating Partnerships

  • Preparing for Going on & Following Up

  • Assessment Exercises


Your Needs & Expectations

Whether you need help in assessing your future career goals and aspirations; putting together that “slam dunk” resume and LinkedIn profile; overcoming the fear of reaching out and meeting people who can be helpful to you, or dealing with an urgent issue in your current job we’ll focus on the issues that are most important to you.

Your Campaign Preparation

A big part of job search is how well you sell yourself to those who can value the services you offer.  Putting together a strong resume, LinkedIn profile or other social media presence requires a consistency in how you brand yourself across multiple platforms.  I won’t write your resume or LinkedIn profile for you, but I’ll help you every step of the way because you need to have full ownership of how you want people to view you.

Discovering New Opportunities

Resume in hand or not, it’s never too late to reach out to people who can be helpful in your search for a better job or career.  Here’s a tip for you:  You don’t have to have a resume 100% the way you ideally want it to start meeting people because they’ll help you along the way.  So if you’ve been lagging behind in these efforts this is the place to start your search.

Your Interview Cycle

I’m a firm believer that a certain amount of serendipity goes with looking for a new job or switching careers.  So, if that “great interview in the sky” is presented to you earlier than expected through a contact or some other means go for it.  If you find yourself in this situation where you are not 100% sure of yourself going on an interview (but as the old saying goes, you hate to look a gift horse in the mouth) we can start here on an interviewing strategy that can still work.

Your Handling Negotiations

One of the myths of job searching is that people cannot ask for, or get more, of something because it’s not proper etiquette or follows protocol.  There are no guarantees that a well-planned strategy to negotiate a better compensation package when made an offer, or conversely, to ask for a better severance package if you’re facing a job elimination, will result in a better outcome for you.  But, you just don’t know unless you ask!  If you’re on either side of this spectrum we’ll work on a solid plan that could end up earning you an Oscar for your efforts.

“Facing an unexpected job transition was a very difficult time for me; a mixture of fear and stress.  I was in a situation I had never experienced and I had to conduct a job search in a completely new environment in a very troubled economy.  I was able to succeed because of the work I did with Chip." 
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