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“Knowing is the result of doing and experimenting”

Hermina Ibarra

My mission is to help you navigate through the most challenging job search and career development issues in finding the solution that is right for you.



One-on-one coaching to job hunters seeking new employment


Coaching for senior executives looking for new career opportunities

Seeking to transition into another industry or function

Lead Article

“Going on an interview is like playing pool, you hit the cue ball just hard enough to sink your first ball, then have it lined-up perfectly for your second shot”

“If I wanted a career coach for myself or for a dear family member or friend, I could think of no one better than Chip Conlin. I've known Chip for more than 20 years. He is diplomatic while being insightful; caring while truthful; observant and smart...."
Kate Wendleton, Founder and former CEO, The Five O'Clock Club, a national career coaching organization and author of 8 books on career development and entrepreneurship.



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